The Productive Solopreneur

Chapter 1: Why Solopreneurs Struggle With Burnout

Being a solopreneur means being an entrepreneur that runs everything themselves. There are countless advantages to this kind of businessmodel, and thanks to the web, it’s now more feasible for more people than ever before. The notion of running an entire empire single-handedly would have seemed like an impossible pipe-dream only a few years ago. Today though, this is what more and more people are living as their reality. The internet is such a powerful force multiplier that it allows many people to truly become “digital polymaths.”

Take video game development as a perfect example. Once upon a time, during the days of the ZX Spectrum and other early hardware, it was possible for a single developer to create a game in their basement and release it to the world to mass acclaim. But then computers developed further, and computer game graphics became photo-real. Today, the budget for a “AAA” title is gigantic, and the projects require thousands of people working around the clock for years.


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