The Economist, April 25, 2009

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The world economy: A glimmer of hope?
The worst thing for the world economy would be to assume the worst is over.

Politics and the British budget: Desperate measures
Gordon Brown’s budget is a dishonest piece of pre-election politicking.

The United States and Latin America: A new start in the Americas
Barack Obama has dangled a carrot for Cuba and Venezuela. Time for Brazil and others to show a bit of stick.

Sri Lanka’s war: To the bitter end
The Sri Lankan army could turn triumph into disaster unless it shows restraint.

Cyberwar: Battle is joined
A behind-the-scenes conflict appears to be under way — but not the sort you might think.

Computing: Mr Ellison helps himself
Oracle’s takeover of Sun Microsystems is a surprise, but fits an industry trend.

Germany’s high electricity prices: Power to the people (at a price)
Change is slowly coming to Germany’s dysfunctional electricity market.

The PCCW case: Split decision
A pivotal ruling strengthens the hand of Hong Kong’s small shareholders.

Sir John Maddox: The nature of Nature
The man who reinvented science journalism.

Treating cancer: Illuminating surgery
A clever way of highlighting tumours to make them easier to remove.

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