The Economist, 22 November 2008

The Economist, 22 November 2008
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Modern management: All you need is cash
The increasingly desperate search for the stuff is changing modern management — not always for the better.

American fiscal policy: No time to waste
The American economy urgently needs a big fiscal stimulus. Too bad both parties are putting politics first.

Germany’s chancellor: Where’s Angela?
It would be good for Germany and the world if Angela Merkel had a higher profile.

Prostitution: An amber light
Britain’s muddled half-ban is no way to deal with commercial sex.

North Korea: Going, going, going again
The deal to disarm North Korea is unravelling.

Anarchy in Somalia: The lawless Horn
Pirates are only part of a much bigger problem in east Africa.

Bank bail-outs: Leaving Las Vegas
No dire mistakes so far; but governments will find exiting banks far harder than entering them.

Asian economies: Sittin’ on the dock of a bay
Trade slows and gloom mounts. But Asia’s economic downturn will be milder than the one it endured a decade ago.

Criminology: Can the can
The idea that graffiti-spraying and other forms of low-level delinquency promote further bad behaviour has now been tested experimentally.

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