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                    Hey Guys I am back with another hit by Rick Riordan. I just read it yesterday. Let me say it was awesome, a great installment to the Magnus Chase series.


                This exciting doomsday-thwarting adventure is just as much about defeating evil as it is about affirming that diversity is a strength to be celebrated. Readers who’ve gotten to know and love these very diverse characters in The Sword of Summer and The Hammer of Thor will relish how they come together in The Ship of the Dead and how Magnus shows off their combined powers in front of the gods. Besides Magnus, two characters stand out the most: Sam, who’s observing Ramadan while fighting sea monsters, giants, and the undead; and Alex, who turns out to be a genius at the pottery wheel. Alex is appreciated for skills and friendship without the author screaming every second that this is a gender-fluid character. A romantic interest is also handled with sweetness and without fuss.
                Even though this is doomsday, don’t expect the beating of war drums every second. That ship on the cover is the titular Ship of the Dead, not the ride Magnus’ dad Frey gave him. When Magnus unfolds his ship from handkerchief form it’s an embarrassing bright yellow. What better way to battle the disgusting idea of a ship made all of human nail clippings than with a banana-colored boat? Frey, a peaceful god, definitely knows the power of humor.
 Hoping you like it,

Kiran Vishwak, 
The Ebook Universe.

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