Free Books on Mathematics VII

  1. Mathematics under the Microscope by Alexandre Borovik
  2. What is and what will be: Integrating spirituality and science by Paul Budnik


  1. Fractals in the Plane – the Ergodic Theory Methods by F. Przytycki, and M. Urbanski
  2. Conformal Dynamics by Curt McMullen
  3. Fractals by P. G. Dixon

Graph Theory

  1. Graph Theory with Applications by J.A. Bondy, and U.S.R. Murty
  2. Graph Theory by Reinhard Diestel
  3. Interactive Graph theory tutorials by Chris K. Caldwell

Coxeter groups

Nielsen Fixed Point Theory

Permutation Puzzles

  1. Mathematics of Rubik’s cube by David Joyner

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